Gathering of Ancestors: A Visualization

Something that really resonates for me this time of year is honoring the ancestors, whether they're related by blood or they're your spiritual ancestors.  I created this visualization as a way to access your ancestral wisdom.

I would suggest that you record yourself reading this visualization and if you're really good with technology, you can superimpose the recording of this visualization over some shamanic drumming.  I usually just close my eyes and allow the words to paint a picture in my mind.  Although, I've had a lot of practice putting myself in trance states, so it's fairly easy for me.  Do whatever you feel most comfortable with.  Prior to starting the visualization, sit or lay down and take slow deep breaths until you're relaxed, grounded and centered.

The visualization:
You're standing in the center of a crossroads, four paths lay at your feet, but they are obscured by mist.  The mist parts in the East, revealing a road ascending into the sky, a path of clouds and buffeting winds.  The mist closes around you again.  The mist dissipates in the South, and a meandering flow of lava moving slowly downward comes into view.  The mist surrounds you once again.  The mist evaporates in the the West, exposing a dark series of cliffs and the deafening roar of the sea as it crashes against the land.  The mist returns, obscuring your sight.  The mist rolls away from the North, and a gently sloping, verdant forest footpath dotted here and there with wildflowers appears before you.  You take the path to the North, enjoying the sibilant sound of grass under your feet, the tranquil hush of the forest, and the gentle moonlight filtering through the canopy of the trees.  You walk for awhile, marveling at the scenery.  Eventually you notice the path is spiraling downward.  You follow the path down, down, down until it opens into a shadowy cave lit by a flickering fire.  A woman sits by the fire, tending the flames.  As you creep towards her, you notice how familiar she seems.  As you draw closer, you notice the family resemblance.  She looks up and smiles at you in recognition.  She speaks to you, her voice both comforting and familiar.  She says, "I've been waiting for you, tending the fire at the heart of our family.  Won't you come with me?"  She leads you out of the cave into a clearing in a forest beneath a sky full of stars.  The forest is different, primordial, wild.  The trees are gnarled with branches and roots twisting together.  There are two boulders facing one another in the clearing, worn and ancient.  The woman motions for you to sit on one of the boulders and returns to tend the fire.  You take a seat on the stone, surprised to find it warm to the touch.  You hear the cadence of drums in the distance and you notice the boulder beneath you is humming in time to the drumming sound.  It is at that moment that you realize you're hearing the heartbeat of the earth.  You listen silently.  Your ears strain for the faint sound when suddenly you hear a tinkling music coming from above you.  The stars are singing!  You continue listening with your eyes closed until you hear rustling sounds coming from all around you.  You open your eyes.  People are emerging from the trees into the clearing from every direction.  They fill the clearing, standing in a circle around the two boulders.  As they draw closer, you recognize some of them.  Some of them are family members that have recently crossed over and the others are your ancestors.  They draw close to you.  Some of them pat you on the shoulder or whisper greetings.  Others smile at you and observe quietly.  [Allow yourself some silence at this point to interact with them].  The circle of ancestors suddenly becomes quiet as an expectant hush falls over the crowd.  The people directly in front of you move aside, allowing one person step forward. This person seems both ancient and young.  The weight of their wisdom and power can be felt as they walk through the crowd and take a seat opposite you on the second stone.  They lean forward and so do you.  They take your hands in theirs.  You feel an instant connection snap into place.  They open their mouth to speak, to deliver whatever message you most need to hear in this moment. [Allow yourself as long as you need to listen for this message].  After they have imparted their message, you both stand and embrace.  After they step away, you find yourself suddenly enshrouded in mist.  You feel a sense of movement, and when the mist clears, you're back at the crossroads.  © Wendy M. Juhl

Open your eyes and wiggle your toes, clap your hands or stomp your feet to bring yourself back into the present moment.  Journal about your experience with your ancestors.  Make sure you write down the message you were given.  If you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Happy New Year!



  1. A beautiful practice. I may incorporate this as part of my Yule festivities. Thanks for sharing. Many Blessing )O(

    1. Thanks! I think the visualization will be great for Yule. I'm also going to be posting another visualization specifically for Yule towards the middle of this month. I really appreciate you checking out my blog. Blessings! Wendy


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