Travel Journaling Pages from Yule Vacation

When I packed for my trip home, I thought that I would have done a lot more journaling.  Maybe it's more likely that the individual pages took longer than expected to finish.  I did paint quite a bit, but I only have four pages to show for it.

Page One:

I read this article right before leaving on vacation and it stuck with me.  I'm not sure if my painting resembles a reindeer, but since I have a huge aversion to graphite, I painted it freeform.  I like the way it turned out.

Page Two:

I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to paint a turquoise and pink owl.  I like quirky owls and between a paint malfunction and my unusual aesthetic, the owl below was created.

Page Three:

It was Yule afternoon and I realized that I hadn't painted a Goddess figure in years.  I usually paint male figures around Yule, because I always think of the story of the Oak King and the Holly King.  I had painted an ethereal background the day before, so I decided it had to have a Goddess on it.  I painted intuitively, so this isn't any particular Goddess.  She may actually be all Goddesses in one.

Page Four:

On December 23rd, we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan.  It's one of my favorite places to go.  The whole town looks like you're suddenly transported into Bavaria.  We ate lunch at the Bavarian Inn.  Afterwards, we went downstairs to browse the shops on the lower levels.  I saw one of those signs with the faces cut out, so you can take a funny picture with your friends.  No one in my family would pose for the picture with me.  It was 3 gnomes standing together, and it said "Chillin' with my gnomies".  It inspired the art journal page below.

If you're curious about what's in my travel art kit, click here.


  1. This is Awesome! I used to live in Michigan and Frankenmuth was an every year outing, do they still have the animated walk through? Is so pretty around Christmas! Greenfield Village is another favorite! Your pictures are wonderful!

    1. Thanks! They do still have the animated Christmas lights at Bronner's. Frankenmuth has expanded quite a bit. There's a lot more to see and they even have a boat ride along the river now as well as a lot of interesting shops along the river. My family used to go to Frankenmuth around the holidays. Although, I think it may have been hard for my mom because Cutesie (her mom) and Auntie Carol (her older sister) weren't there with us this time. I think it was my mom's first time going there for the holidays since they died.


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