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Recent Discoveries: Part One

I know I haven't been around lately.  One reason is because of my health, and the other reason is that the way I attempted to structure this blog isn't working out.  It's not conducive to my lifestyle or the way I practice.  I wanted to be a good little pagan and post along with the solar and lunar cycles.  I should know that doesn't work from past experience, but I was hopeful.  It didn't even come close to working.  It's confession time.  Out of all the sabbats, I only celebrate Samhain.  As for the lunar cycles, I'm lucky if I remember to collect moon water, let alone do anything else.  I do my magickal workings whenever I feel like it and however I want to do it.  If you're looking for someone that does things by the book, that is definitely not me.  Although, I do stay attuned to the energies as the wheel of the year turns.  Every day is magickal to me.  I don't fuss over how things are supposed to be done.  I do what feels right.  I can turn j…