Recent Discoveries: Part One

I know I haven't been around lately.  One reason is because of my health, and the other reason is that the way I attempted to structure this blog isn't working out.  It's not conducive to my lifestyle or the way I practice.  I wanted to be a good little pagan and post along with the solar and lunar cycles.  I should know that doesn't work from past experience, but I was hopeful.  It didn't even come close to working.  It's confession time.  Out of all the sabbats, I only celebrate Samhain.  As for the lunar cycles, I'm lucky if I remember to collect moon water, let alone do anything else.  I do my magickal workings whenever I feel like it and however I want to do it.  If you're looking for someone that does things by the book, that is definitely not me.  Although, I do stay attuned to the energies as the wheel of the year turns.  Every day is magickal to me.  I don't fuss over how things are supposed to be done.  I do what feels right.  I can turn just about anything into a magickal act.
Because of everything I mentioned, Visionary Night is changing.  As for the blog content, I will go with the flow and post according to each whim and inspiration.  I hope you enjoy it.

Now that that's over with, let's discuss some things that I've recently discovered.  Here they are:

  1. Meditating in the Dark: I've always been a night owl, so why didn't think of this before?!  I got the idea from Ashera Star Goddess.  I recently subscribed to her channel, and I've been binge watching her videos.  I tried meditating at night in the dark and the experience was different, but in a good way.  I am good at getting into trance states, which I learned completely by accident, so if you don't have a lot of experience with meditation, it may take some practice.  Also, if you start seeing things in the dark while meditating, you're probably not hallucinating.  She said that happens.  It does.  Don't react in fear.
  2. Meditating While Holding Tektite: According to Wikipedia, "Tektites are gravel-size bodies composed of black, green, brown or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial, meteorite impacts. They generally range in size from millimeters to centimeters."  I have a marble sized piece of tektite that I bought from The Sage Goddess on Etsy as a part of her New Moon Gem Set.  One night, I meditated while holding it.  Talk about being thrown out into outer space!  I was floating somewhere out in the cosmos.  It was awesome!  My experience with it was surprising, but very gentle.  I can't guarantee these results.  I am attuned to crystal energy in general.  Although, I have heard of other people having various experiences with tektite while meditating.  I would suggest having some experience with meditation and astral projection before trying it or it may be disconcerting or frightening to you.
  3. The Sage Goddess perfume oils: First, I'd like to say that I am not sponsored by this Etsy shop in any way.  I'm not anyone's affiliate.  I really like her products.  They have great energy and are of excellent quality.  I currently own 4 of her perfume oils, Dark Moon, Umbra, Ka, and Pythia.  She creates the essential oil blends intuitively, and they are magick in a bottle.  I had an interesting experience with Ka when I was sick.  It was my first time wearing it.  When I put it on, I said something about wanting to be healthy again.  Several times throughout the day and night, red mist would flash in front of my eyes as if it was escaping my body.  This would happen whenever there wasn't anything red in the vicinity.  I got better very quickly.  It's not even supposed to be for that purpose, but it helped.  The perfume oils smell divine too.
  4. Moon Goddess Magick Sinus Relief Smelling Salts: I included this product in this post for all those allergy sufferers out there.  I have allergies year round.  I bought these smelling salts almost two years ago, and they're still going strong.  They have made things so much easier to deal with.  They're quite inexpensive for how long they last.

Disclaimer: Please remember that these are my experiences and opinions.  I cannot guarantee the same results for you.  Also, I am not a medical professional.  Keep your own health conditions in mind, and talk to your doctor before using anything you're unsure about.

I'll be doing more of these posts when I have more to share.  I'm hoping it will become a monthly feature. Right now, I'm starting to explore candle magick and manifestation, so if you're interested in reading more about that, let me know.  Please leave any questions or comments below.

Blessed be!



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