Photos from My Trip Home

I'd like to start off by saying that I don't like taking pictures.  I like to paint.  I like to write occasionally.  I feel like if a moment is meaningful, it will stick with me.  I remember the most random things.  My visit with my family was wonderful.  I got to meet my new furry nephew and my new furry sister.  I got to see some old animal friends, as well as most of my elementary teachers.  I made some new memories of sisterly bonding (with my human sister).

The first two photos are of my new little sister, Phoebe.  The vet thinks that she is part Jack Russell terrier and Sheltie, but I think she has some whippet in her.  She certainly has the personality.  She hardly stopped moving for the whole two weeks I was home.  I did get photographic evidence that she does occasionally rest (see below).

I also got to see the eldest of my sister's furry children, Oscar.  He was nice enough to appear in a photo with me.

I finally got to meet my other furry nephew, Frodo.  It took him about ten days to let me pet him without him growling at me while head-butting me because I wasn't petting him (because he was growling at me).  It was three days before I had to leave that he got really buddy buddy with me and would let me hold him.  The proof is below.

Frodo loves his belly rubs.

The only other picture I have is of my donkey friends, Topsy (left) and Maria (right), who are in the photo below.  I used to take care of them along with my mom's friend, Linda's other pets when I was on summer break from college.  I'm pagan, but I love going to Linda's Christmas Eve service, which is in her barn with all her farm animal pets.  She has a dog, a few cats, some chickens, a sheep, some goats, and two donkeys (Topsy and Maria).  After the service, which is really short, she serves cookies, coffee and hot chocolate.  It's awesome.

Be sure to check out my next post to see the art journaling I did on vacation!



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